The Aviation Future Trends 2018


In recent years, many aviation hubs of China begin to emerge in the international market with the continued and fast growth of Chinese aviation industry. When we look at how the Chinese commercial aviation industry can compete and thrive in the next decade and beyond, several hot-button issues rose to the fore: saturated airport capacity, insufficient available airspace, aging infrastructure, the need for efficient airport operations, heavy reliance on national subsidies of international routes, and of course, the dazzling technological advances.

How to break the development bottleneck and build a new type of aviation hubs in the future? The Aviation Trends Forum 2018 hosted by, a website operated by Hefei Hanglian Cultural & Communication Co., Ltd., will provide comprehensive and in-depth discussions on this topic.

The Aviation Trends Forum 2018 is a wholly dedicated summit for airlines and airports in China to update your knowledge through practical real life airport case studies, expert presentations and interactive roundtable meetings.Featuring the theme of "Building A New Type of Aviation Hubs", the Forum this year aims at joining hands with global leading airlines, airports and businesses, working together on issues including the planning and design of hub airports, cross-airlines transfer cooperation, airport business operation and new technologies, providing more solutions for the building of airport hubs, and jointly advancing the future development of a new type of aviation hubs.

Forum Topics

  • Transformation
  • New Hub
  • New Value
  • New Tech
Time Theme Topics
Morning, August 21 Transformation of Aviation Hubs

Opportunities and challenges in building new hubs

Transformation of traditional aviation hubs

Factors and revelations for the success of global leading aviation hubs

How do airlines participate in the building of new hubs?

How does regional aviation empower new hubs?

Panel discussion: Win-win cooperation driven by the building of new hubs

Time Theme Topics
ATFernoon, August 21 New Hub

Airlines Hub Network Development and Fleet Planning

Regional aviatioin development to promote the interconnectivity among regions

How does a mature and busy international airport innovate its capacity building?

Design and optimization of traveler's transfer process at a hub airport

How to optimize the building of an integrated transport hub with the airport at its heart?

Design thinking and innovation of future new type of hub airport

New hubs with cross-airlines transfer

the Construction of Beijing New Airport

New opportunities of "One Belt & One Road" initiative for new hubs

Panel discussion: How to build the overall advantage of efficiency improvement-oriented new hubs?

Time Theme Topics
Morning, August 22 New Value

Break down Barriers to jointly Develop the Aviation & Tourism Industry

Optimize Resource Allocation and Create Smart Aviation & Tourism Products

Design and innovation of value-added transfer service product

Build an airport that is worth of staying

How does airport business precisely capture customers?

Cross-industry cooperation generates new business opportunities

How to meet demand of high-end travelers?

Financial tech innovation brings seamless travel payment

Panel discussion: Business opportunities brought by improvement of traveler experience

Time Theme Topics
ATFernoon, August 22 New Tech

Smart airport empowers an easier travel

Vision of self-service at future airports

How does baggage technology impact traveler's experience

Smart security - future security screening trends

Design and realization of an efficient airport traveler information service system

Panel discussion: Reform of civil aviation services in AI era

To be expected......

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  • customer service
    product providers
  • ground service providers
  • consulting companies
  • airport design and
    planning institution
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